Trump claims China wants him to lose re-election race in November

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President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he believes China’s handling of the coronavirus is proof that Beijing “will do anything they can” to make him lose his re-election bid in November.

“China will do anything they can to have me lose this race,” Trump said in an exclusive interview with Reuters news agency at the White House.Trump said he was looking at different options in terms of consequences for China over the virus, also known as COVID-19.

“I can do tons ,” he said.

The Republican president, often accused of not acting early enough to organize the us for the outbreak, said he believed China should are more active in letting the planet realize the coronavirus much sooner.

Asked whether he was considering the utilization of tariffs or maybe debt write-offs for China, Trump wouldn’t offer specifics.”There are many things I can do,” he said. “We’re trying to find what happened.”

Before the coronavirus pandemic began, the US and China were already engaged during a trade war that has resulted in billions of dollars in tarrifs.

‘Shifting blame to China’
For weeks, Trump has been heaping blame on China for a worldwide pandemic that has killed people nearly 61,000 people within the US consistent with data compiled by Johns Hopkins University and thrown the economy into a deep recession undermining his campaign for a second four-year term.

On Tuesday, he had said he wants to conduct “serious investigations” into China’s handling of the pandemic.”We’re doing very serious investigations … We aren’t proud of China,” Trump said. “There are tons of the way you’ll hold them accountable.”

Trump had previously mentioned COVID-19 as “Chinese virus”, igniting a war of words with Beijing, which accused the US military of bringing the disease to Wuhan.

Meanwhile, within the Reuters interview, Trump dismissed latest opinion polls suggesting that his probable Democrat rival Joe Biden was leading within the November 2020 race.

Trump said he didn’t expect the election to be a referendum on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and expressed surprise that the previous vice chairman was doing well within the polls.

“I do not believe the polls,” Trump said. “I believe the people of this country are smart. and that i don’t think that they’re going to put a person in who’s incompetent.”

Trump’s public statement contradicts with a replacement York Times newspaper report, which said that the president had reportedly erupted in anger during a call together with his campaign manager over the recent polling.

Trump also told Reuters press agency that South Korea had agreed to pay the US extra money for a defence cooperation agreement but wouldn’t be drawn on the quantity of the contribution.

The US president had publicly complained in recent weeks against Seoul and rejected a sum it offered to the value folks military forces deployed in South Korea .

At least 28,000 US troops are stationed in South Korea .

South Korean legislators said US officials had demanded up to $5bn a year, about five times the 1.04 trillion won ($896m) Seoul agreed to pay in 2019.

Source: aljazeera

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