Trump dismisses Navy minister

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US Secretary of State Richard Spencer was sacked Sunday by President Donald Trump. The information was reported in a news agency AFP report on Monday. This term of the naval chief is civilian.

Spencer is reported to have been dismissed for a role in a high-ranking military Navy SEAL command over a misconduct case.

A member of the Navy SEAL named Edward Gallagher was found guilty of misconduct on the battlefield in Iraq. His rank is down. But he did get the support of President Trump. It is alleged that Edward Gallagher committed war crimes while serving in Iraq on the 27th. He was acquitted of the allegations. However, he was found guilty of minor charges.

President Trump on November 7 withdrew Gallagher’s tenure. Trump said the Navy has treated the Gallagher very badly. Alongside this issue, Spencer has been asked to step down due to budget failures.

Spencer has criticized Trump after his dismissal. He wrote in a letter that his and Trump’s views on the principles of regulation and discipline were no longer the same.

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