Trump is going to publish a Middle East peace plan

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Finally releasing the Middle East peace plan US US President Donald Trump himself said the plan could be released ahead of Tuesday. He made the remarks on January 24 after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Benazir Gantz, the leader of the country’s opposition, invited him to Washington.

According to a report by the British media, The Guardian, on the way to Miami via Air Force One, President Trump told reporters that he was going to publish a Middle East peace plan very soon. He is constantly told that he loves contracting, and in this case, he is the best. “Everyone says that peace between Israel and Palestine is the hardest thing to do,” Trump said.

President Trump said the Middle East peace plan could be released ahead of a regular meeting next Tuesday.

In the meantime, some of the things found in the draft have been published by Donald Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. Last July, Kushner proposed an economic plan of $ 5 billion for the Middle East, which, although sparked by negotiations, did not seem to accept the rising parties. Palestinian leaders initially dismissed such peace initiatives as “biased”. They responded by putting forward long claims about their country and Palestinian refugees. In the eyes of Palestinian leaders, Kushner has presented such a proposal to fool them.

Trump told reporters that he had some discussions with Palestinian leaders. He also said, “I am sure they (the Palestinian leaders) will behave negatively in the beginning, although it is very positive for them.”

The Guardian writes about Washington’s new outlook on Middle East peace planning, saying the United States had previously tried to bring Palestinian and Israeli leaders to an agreement. The two sides have been at the center of any previous peace initiatives taken by Washington, but Trump has said that Washington might take a different route. They might present a proposal where Palestinians should say “yes” or “no”.

The Guardian’s hypothesis is probably the reason for the Israeli media. Because, at the same time, Israeli media reports said that the US plan for peace in the Middle East would be quite favorable for them. This will allow Israel to establish permanent control over large areas of Palestine. Israeli local newspapers have reportedly been planning to hand over full control of Jerusalem in particular. In contrast, Palestinians will find some degree of ‘autonomy’ in ‘tight control’.

While many are skeptical about the truth of the information published in Israeli newspapers, many believe that anything close to it can happen. Because, in the history of the United States, the Trump administration has been the most Israeli-hating policy. During his tenure, Washington moved away from decades-old two-state policies. Not only that, but Jerusalem is also recognized as the capital of Israel. And there are things like the declaration that the aid funds for Palestinians should be reduced to billions of dollars and that Israel’s occupation of Palestine is not in conflict with international law.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s spokesman told The Guardian on this issue, that Palestine rejects everything the United States has done so far. There is no reason why Jerusalem, in particular, should not be rejected as Israel’s capital.


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