Trump refuses to mention if he has religion in law enforcement agency Director Wray: ‘We’ll see however it turns out’

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President Trump on weekday refused to mention whether or not he had confidence in law enforcement agency Director St. Christopher Wray, whereas acknowledging the 2 officers have disagreed on some key problems, as well as whether or not the president’s campaign was a victim of spying.In associate interview, Trump was quizzed on his level of confidence within the law enforcement agency boss.“Well, we’ll see however it seems,” he told hill, before discussing Wray’s previous claim that he wouldn’t use the word “spying” to explain the bureau’s police work of figures joined to the Trump campaign in 2016.

“I mean, I trouble him thereon and that i assume a great deal of individuals square measure disagreeing. you’ll even trouble him thereon.”The comments weren’t the primary the president has created against Wray, with Trump conjointly taking a swipe at his own law enforcement agency director last month.’The law enforcement agency has no leadership,'” Trump quoted Judicial Watch president Tom Litton as speech. “‘The Director is protective constant gang that attempted to overthrow the President through associate ineligible coup.’ (Recommended by previous DOJ) @Formfitting @Judicial Watch.”When asked earlier this year if he believed the Trump campaign was spied on in 2016, Wray told lawmakers on the Senate Appropriations Committee: “That’s not the term i’d use.

“Lots of individuals have totally different informal phrases. i feel that the law enforcement agency is engaged in inquiring activity, and a part of inquiring activity includes police work activity of various shapes and sizes, and to ME the key question is ensuring that it’s done by the book, according to our lawful authorities.”

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