Trump undercuts American democracy as he clings to power

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President Donald Trump is trying to steal a free and fair election that he lost by a wide margin to President-elect Joe Biden by tearing at the most basic principle of American democracy: He’s trying to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes.

Trump’s latest escalation of his attempt to subvert the result of the election followed a string of knock-backs in the courts and after a statewide audit in Georgia confirmed Biden’s victory in the crucial swing state.

He asked state Republican leaders in Michigan to go to him Friday, hinting at a possible plan to convince them to ignore Biden’s big win within the state and send a slate of electors to the body that backs him and not the President-elect. This follows the President’s calls to 2 Wayne County GOP officials, who are now seeking to require back their votes to certify Biden’s victory.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who rampaged through an unhinged press conference Thursday, is in effect baselessly arguing that troves of Democratic mail-in ballots, many of them cast by Black voters, are illegal which Trump has therefore won the election with room to spare.

“It changes the results of the election in Michigan if you’re taking out Wayne County,” Giuliani said at a crowded, mask-free and delusional press conference featuring Trump’s crew of TV lawyers in Washington.

Giuliani’s team is additionally making absurd claims of a huge , centralized, Democratic conspiracy involving long-dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, Cuba, China, the Clinton Foundation and George Soros to throw the election.

Many of Trump and Giuliani’s maneuvers seem so desperate and outlandish that they’re hard to require seriously. But constitutional experts are warning that the President is already doing irreparable harm to the state .

“The problem is, he’s speaking for the President of the us ,” veteran Republican elections lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.”It may be a sweeping, totally unsubstantiated attack on one among the essential foundations of the country — our free elections.”
Laurence Tribe, a constitutional law professor at Harvard school of law , said Michigan lawmakers visiting the White House on Friday might be walking into an illegal meeting.

“I am worried that any lawmakers who attend this ridiculous meet and greet are really attending a conspiratorial meeting to steal the election,” Tribe told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “There’s no doubt that the meeting that’s being held is against the law . there’s no doubt that it really is meant quite corruptly to require away people’s right to vote.”

Tribe says the Trump campaign has lost quite twenty-four lawsuits.
“It’s quite clear that Republicans, also as Democratic judges, are getting to follow the law when there’s no ambiguity,” Tribe said. “The only guy who seems to be tired of the law is Rudy Giuliani, and God knows what he’s auditioning for.”

A long-shot strategy
It still seems unlikely that Republican state legislators would simply ignore many thousands of votes cast for Biden and nominate electors loyal to Trump. it isn’t clear it might be legal, for one thing. And Trump would wish to wipe out Biden’s victories in multiple states to return anywhere near the 270 electoral votes to clinch the presidency.

Many of Giuliani’s arguments, meanwhile, belong on the furthest fringes of conspiratorial right-wing media, while Trump, stung by his loss, may simply be seeking to cause the maximum amount chaos and mess as possible with none reasonable expectation he can win. CNN’s Dana Bash and Gloria Borger, as an example , quoted sources as saying that the President, who believes that the Russia investigation dented his own legitimacy, is now trying to ruin Biden’s presidency. And within the end, the courts — and therefore the institutional system that Trump has relentlessly pummeled over the last four years — still seem likely to carry firm against his power-hungry schemes.

But the President’s refusal to concede fortnight after the election and his attempts to undermine democracy is not any less pernicious albeit they fail. Republicans, like Senate legislator Mitch McConnell, who has given the President latitude to challenge the result without mounting a reputable case, now begin to seem as if they’re facilitating his most extreme assault yet on US democracy.And the Trump effort is laying down a political poison which will linger long after he has left the White House.

Source: CNN NEWS

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