Trump’s Ukraine Representative Resigns

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US Special Representative Kurt Volker resigns after congressional inquiries into US President Donald Trump’s probe He resigned on Friday at local time.

On Saturday, news agency AFP reported that a person close to the subject confirmed the authenticity of Kurt Volcker’s resignation on condition of anonymity. Arizona State University student newspaper first published the special envoy’s resignation. Kurt Volker is the executive director of an institute at that university.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives asked Volcker to appear next Thursday to answer some questions. Before that, he resigned. The whistleblower’s accusations stemmed from President Trump’s abuse of power over parts of President Vladimir Zelinsky’s phone conversation with President Trump. An official of the CIA’s intelligence agency, Whistleblower, is reported to have made the complaint to the agency’s top lawyer.

The whistleblower reported last Thursday that Volcker met with senior Ukraine officials to discuss Trump’s claim to the Ukrainian president. Ukraine’s newly elected President Vladimir Zelinsky had a telephone conversation with US President Trump on July 25. It is alleged that Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate allegations of corruption against Democratic incumbent Joe Biden and his son, Trump’s main rival in the presidential election in 2020. Trump has also threatened to suspend military aid to Ukraine if the investigation is not carried out.

Democrats have commissioned an investigation into whether President Trump has committed a heinous crime in the Ukraine issue after the whistleblower allegations surfaced. On Tuesday, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the House of Representatives formally ordered the formation of the committee. He alleged that Trump sought the help of foreign powers to hurt Joe Biden. In that case, he used US military assistance in Ukraine to negotiate.

Trump claims that while Biden was vice president, he (Biden) applied pressure to stop the government’s investigation into a Ukrainian gas company. Trump has admitted that he personally stopped nearly $ 1 million worth of military aid in Ukraine before talking to the president of Ukraine. But he denied accusing Biden of pressuring the Ukrainian leader to investigate.

In a letter released Friday, lawmakers pointed to a tweet by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Juliani. In that tweet, Rudy featured a screenshot of a conversation in which Volker talked about his communication with Zalensky’s top adviser.In a letter to Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, “the failure to appear at the scheduled testimony of the staff of any of these offices will prevent the House of Representatives from obtaining evidence in the impeachment investigation.”

Volker is an experienced diplomat from Europe. George W. Bush served as US ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military alliance to the West. He later gave up the diplomatic career to pursue a career as a consultant and joined the McCain Institute at Arizona State University in 2002. On the 27th, the Trump administration assigned Volker the issue of US policy on Ukraine.

A newspaper spokesperson at Arizona State University cited a university spokesman as saying that Volker had relinquished his position in Ukraine. The Arizona Republican newspaper also reported that University President Michael Crowe confirmed that Volcker had left the US State Department. But he will continue to serve the Institute.

The Foreign Office was contacted in this regard but no reply was received. As a special envoy, Volker oversaw US assistance to Ukraine in the face of Russia-backed separatist rebels. More than 3,000 people have died in fighting in Ukraine since the beginning of the 20th. At that time Russia removed the Crimea Peninsula from Ukraine and annexed it.

Democrats are looking for whether Trump wants to use $ 5 million in military aid for Ukraine as a way to achieve his goal against Biden.

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