Twitter banned political advertising worldwide

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Twitter is one of the most banned social media in the world. The company’s chief executive officer (CEO), Jack Dorsey, said in a message on Wednesday. He said, “Although Internet advertising plays an incredibly powerful and effective role for commercial advertisers, it also poses significant risks to politics. This kind of massage will be acquired, not bought. ‘

The ban will take effect from November 22 next. Full details will be available on November 7. The BBC reported in a report online. But one of Twitter’s rivals, Facebook, recently announced its decision not to ban political advertising.

Censoring the political or democratic news of an organization is not the right decision, says Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. He thinks that it is not right for democracy to censor private companies’ political news.

The news has divided the US election camps in 2021. “The ban is an attempt by the left to silence Trump and conservatives,” said US President Donald Trump camp manager Brad Purcell. Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s political camp spokesman Bill Russo said: “When it came to choosing between the meaning of advertising and the integrity of our democracy, incomes did not win. This is very encouraging. ‘

One of the major political scandals of the 20th was the incident of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the UK’s political consulting firm. They were alleged to have illegally collected the information of about 100 million users from Facebook. Analytica uses this information to promote political advertising. After the publication of this information, the United States took action against the organization.

Mark Zuckerberg also had to attend a congressional hearing on April 27 in the incident. Again, on the same topic, on October 25, he was facing a gun during a hearing on the Committee on Financial Services of the United States Congress. Zuckerberg did not answer the question of whether to remove ads if they contained false information in political advertising.

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