Tyson was stuck in the Alaska iceberg for 22 days

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Around. Meanwhile, in a sleeping bag (sleeping bag), a 7-year-old man spent 22 days in it. At that time, his companion was a thick sheet to prevent the cold. The food was just peanut butter and pineapple. The rescue helicopter reaches there after seeing his writing SOS on the ice.

The Times and Daily Mail reported that the man, Tyson Steeley, was spending a van day in a remote Alaska area in the United States. At that time his companion was a pet dog. But when his cabin was set on fire, he fell asleep. Meanwhile, the snow was so overwhelmingly cold. The 7-year-old pet dog died in the fire.

Tyson Steeley lived in a remote jungle about 20 miles from the town of Scotia, Alaska. Just the forest and the snow all around. But one night the cabin house was burned by a sudden fire. Almost all his food, gunfire and fuel oil were burned in the fire. Tyson himself was killed but his only companion was a pet dog.

Tyson Steeley said he came to Alaska from Utah State. In fact, the cabin is on fire for its own fault. The house caught fire with cardboard in the woods of Wooden. He could not extinguish the fire with much effort. Spread quickly. Survive yourself from the fire. He took sleeping bags, thick blankets, and some food. When the cabin burned, there was some sort of ice and cold under the open sky. How long will you survive the cold – fear that SOS wrote on the ice? When someone saw the text, he rescued him, hoping that he would write to SOS.

Last Tuesday, Alaska’s government helicopters flew in the sky. Helicopters fly in the sky as part of a regular area inspection. The forehead is of a good Tyson. Surveillance helicopters rescue someone when they are in danger. The team caught sight of Tyson Steeley’s ice fish written in English.

Tyson Steeley said he walked the bell after several hours in the neighborhood. But did not see anyone. Came back again On December 7 or 8, his cabin caught fire. The money in his wallet was also burned.

Tyson spends the night in a cave in the snow. The temperature is far below the freezing point. He then planned how to draw the attention of the rescuers. He wrote SOS with a stick on the ice. Tyson’s writing spreads the ashes of the burned cabin so that the writing on white ice is clear.

A video of the rescuers shows a man shaking his hand in the snow for attention. And what you say in the mouth.

Rescue teams said Tyson Steeley was trapped in a place where there were no road signs. After the rescue, he said, he only survived eating peanut butter and pineapple for so long. To save himself, he started to build a cabin again.

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