Vast ‘pumice raft’ found drifting through ocean

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A vast “raft” of volcanic rocks stretching over one hundred fifty sq metric linear unit (93 sq miles) is drifting through the ocean, scientists say.

The sea of pumice stone – the scale of twenty,thousand soccer fields – was initial according by Australian sailors earlier this month.Experts say the mass seemingly came from associate underwater volcano close to Tonga that erupted around seven August in line with satellite pictures.Sailors are warned to remain beyond the potential hazard.

Pumice could be a light-weight, bubble-rich rock which will float in water. it’s created once stone is cooled apace.Large “rafts” of the igneous rock square measure additional seemingly to make once a volcano is found in additional shallow waters, say specialists.

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An Australian couple sailing their sailing boat to land were the primary to report the “pumice raft”, once unwittingly getting into the rubbish in the dark.

“The waves were knocked back to virtually calm and therefore the boat was slowed to at least one knot,” Michael Hoult and Larissa lefteye flounder wrote on-line on sixteen August.”The rubbish slick we tend tont as so much as we might see within the moonlight and with our spotlight.”They were briefly stuck once rocks crowded their rudder, then again were able to navigate out of the sector.They have since sent samples of the stone – that vary “from marble to basketball size” – to researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Australia.

‘Whole surface turned to land’
Associate faculty member Scott Bryan, a scientist finding out the samples at QUT, same such pumice stone plenty can be seen regarding once each 5 years within the region.”It could be a development according over time, sometimes as islands within the middle of the ocean that individuals encounter on the other hand} cannot notice again,” .

“It are often as if the entire surface of the ocean has turned to land”.
Associate faculty member Bryan same satellite pictures showed the sector had since divided into 2 main surface plenty, with several trailing “ribbons” of rock.”At the instant there square measure quite a trillion items of pumice stone all floating along, however over time it’ll slice and disperse across the world,” he said.

As the pumice stone is carried by ocean currents, it also can kind homes for marine life and facilitate transport organisms across the ocean.”At the instant the pumice stone are going to be vacant and barren, however over successive few weeks it’s progressing to begin obtaining organisms hooked up thereto,” he said.

The pumice stone is presently drifting westward towards land, and is probably going to pass New Caledonia and New Hebrides before probably reaching Australia in an exceedingly year’s time.

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