Vietnamese bodies found in lorry in England

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Vietnam’s bodies were recovered from a lorry container (freight truck) in Essex, a southeastern city in England. The police made the statement on Friday.

Last week, police recovered four bodies from a refrigerated lorry container in the industrial area of ​​Grace, Essex, 25 miles from the center of London. Of the dead, 3 are men and 4 are women. Police initially thought they were Chinese citizens.

Essex Police said they have confirmed that the bodies are of Vietnamese citizens, with direct contact with the Vietnamese government, including several families in Vietnam and the United Kingdom. Vietnam, a Vietnamese community organization in the UK, said at least 20 families were reported missing after relatives of the dead body.

Vietnam-based Citizens Network Human Rights Space official Howe Niem said the 25-year-old fum has written a message to my mother. When Laurie was traveling from Belgium to the UK, she wrote that she could not breathe. The message read, ‘Parents, I’m sorry. My trip abroad was not successful. I love you both so much I can not breathe. I’m from New Town in the Ken Lok area of ​​Vietnam … I’m sorry, Mom. “

Assistant Chief Constable Tim Smith said, “Right now, we think the dead are Vietnamese citizens.” We are in contact with the Vietnamese government. ”He said the police were not in a position to identify anyone who died.

The Vietnamese Embassy in London has expressed deep regret. They extend their sincere condolences to the families of the deceased. The embassy said in a statement that the identity of the deceased needs to be identified. The authorities in Vietnam and the United Kingdom will have to come forward.

The statement said they were willing to assist Vietnam and the UK authorities to bring the dead bodies back home. The Vietnamese farmer, Le Van Hare, a 6-year-old father, told the BBC that he was sure his son was among the dead.

Earlier in Vietnam, police in Ha Tinh province said they had charged two unidentified men with ‘conducting illegal trafficking’.The driver of the lorry, Maurice Robinson, was arrested that day. Access police said the driver of the lorry was also charged with human trafficking, immigration, and money laundering.

Police have also arrested three more persons in the incident. Last week, police arrested a 3-year-old man and a woman in Warrington, Northern Ireland, and a 3-year-old man from London’s Stansted Airport. They were arrested on suspicion of human trafficking and genocide.

Police are also looking for two brothers, Ronan and Christopher Hughes, a Northern Ireland citizen. They have been charged with murder and human trafficking.

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