Wasim Akram -Ricky Ponting bet Horse England

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Ricky Ponting and Wasim Akram are looking at the favorites in the World Cup final.

England will face New Zealand in the World Cup final at Lords today. Cricket fans are divided into two groups around this match. Someone favor New Zealand, someone is backing England. Legendary cricketers are not even outside. Like former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, the English cricketers see the World Cup. England’s leg-spinner Wasim Akram’s bazar horse also has England

Ponting will be seen in England’s favor from the start of the World Cup. The former World Cup-winning captain said, “England will win. I said this before the World Cup. Losing them is really difficult. ‘ Ponting was seen as the assistant coach of the Australia team in the World Cup. Australia has lost their semi-final defeat to England badly Ponting, who has been named as the most deserving team in the world, But today he is ahead of England in the final.

Ponting said, “The two finals are a great achievement for them. Certainly, they will be using the last tournament experience. Where an England player has no experience playing the World Cup before. After all, we have been ahead of England. Because they are such a good team that is hard to win. “

Pakistan’s former captain and paceman Wasim Akram, however, is leaving England for another reason. In the 1992 World Cup final, Wasim lost to Swingle, England, and lost to England. However, England’s pace bowler’s ‘second house’ has long been there. Wasim’s tweet about today’s final, “There are many Pakistanis’ houses in the World Cup, many Pakistanis. But England has been the second house for me for more than thirty years. I support England. ‘

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