Who is in the Copa Quarter final?

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Uruguay has reached the Copa America quarter-finals by grouping in Chile, 1-0 in the final in Rio de Janeiro. This is confirmed by eight teams of quarter-finals

Chile, as the top team in Group C, was up for the quarter-finals in the match. But Edison Cavani had thought of something else. In the 82nd minute, Uruguay lost the Copa America’s defending champions 1-0 in their win. Uruguay has been named as the ‘C’ group’s top team in the quarter-finals in this win over Rio de Janeiro this morning. Of course, eight teams in the quarter-finals of Copa América are sure.

Chile has shown in the first half game Chile’s midfielder Charles Aranguez and forward Alexis Sanchez have been tested by Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Musler. Uruguay’s winning goal in the history of Copa América, the first team to play 200th match, was found 8 minutes before the end of the scheduled time. Cavanni scored a goal from the cross of Jonathan Rodriguez. Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarze also made a great record in this match. Tabaraj made the milestone in 200th match for a national team as the first coach in history.

Starting from Friday, the fight for the quarter-finals starts from Friday. On that day Bangladesh will face Paraguay at around 6:30 in the evening of Brazil. The next day, at 1pm (Bangladesh time) Venezuela will face Argentina. Chile will face Colombia at 5 am on the same day. The following day, on Sunday, Bangladesh will take on Peru in the final match of the quarter-finals at 1pm against Uruguay.

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